After the wedding function, every couple looks forward to a lovely honeymoon. It is one such time where they can spend some lovely moments with each other. And, finding a destination where you can actually relish this togetherness is truly important for a couple. Also, nothing can be more gratifying that finding a destination that captures your heart as well as fits in your budget. So, if you are in search for some great international offbeat destination which can be explore with honeymoon packages, then take a look:

SWEDEN: A Scandinavian nation of thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains, Sweden has a landscape that is truly romantic. The cities of Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg are a wonderful experience for couples looking for some coastal destinations as well as cultural experiences and gastronomic adventures. And, if you are looking for some adventure, then there are plenty of thrilling tours like hiking, fishing, downhill & cross country skiing, canoeing & river rafting, snowmobiling, climbing, cycling, reindeer rides, and dog sledding. And, if you wish to go for a whole new experience, then the ICEHOTEL is a must where you can eat on ice-plates, drink from ice glasses or enjoy accommodation in -5 degrees C. This amazing hotel inspired from a surprising concept invites tourists in huge numbers.

TAIWAN:  Though Taiwan is not quite a honeymoon destination, those looking for something unusual can actually spend some great time together. From the bizarre festivals, celebrations, far-famed toilet-themed restaurant and hospital-themed restaurants, Taiwan is here to take you by surprise. However, the landscape has also some most magical spots like the Sun Moon Lake-perfect spot for couples. Moreover, the sandy beaches and coastal trails of Northern Taiwan are here to add some zing to your special vacation.

KENYA: Once an offbeat destination, Kenya has established itself as one of the preferred honeymoon destinations among couples. A luxurious itinerary to the destination can make it totally exclusive for you and simply worth a visit. Enjoy a stay at the luxurious tents, or opt for the Lewa Safari Camp or Sanctuary Olonana. Enjoy the magical snow capped views of the Mt. Kenya, explore the wilderness, or catch up with the local tribal people, Kenya offers a myriad of activities before its visitors.

POLAND: Magical and intriguing, Poland is a whole new experience for honeymooners planning for their romantic escape. The picturesque beauty of the destination is surely going to have a long lasting impression on you unlike any other European destination. From history buff, foodie, to spa lover, Poland has something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your perfect trip right away to any of the aforementioned destination and start the beautiful chapter in your life amidst the most romantic surroundings.


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