Marriage brings in a lot of things into one’s life – lovely moments, comedy, drama and much more. But, before you can taste all these flavors, why not experience some fantasy with a honeymoon tour in India. Well! If you are still wondering how to get add some zing to your escape, then here is your enlightenment chart. Let’s take a look:

#1. Watch sunrise together

This might sound clichéd, but nothing can be more romantic than watching the beautiful sun cast its sunshine on the surroundings. Get up at dawn and witness the magic as the first light ray comes out. Witnessing the wonderful sunshine together can really add some love to your romantic escape.

#2. Order food for each other

Well! How about ordering your partner’s favorite delicacy? This can actually give you an idea about the food choices of your better half and you can actually get to know their likes or dislikes. And, believe it or not food can be the most connecting factor for you on your honeymoon.

#3. Make room for fine dining

You don’t have to rely on the hotel staff to take care of the dinner preparations. Instead take part in the planning and make the dining experience classy for your partner. Ask the staff for your lady love’s favorite flowers; order your partner’s favorite drink and food. And, you can even make the entire dining experience more amazing with some romantic tracks.


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#4. Do silly things

Honeymoons are about getting close, celebrating your together and knowing your partner like never before. So, don’t just stick to being serious or always close to each other. Try to make the escape more interesting with some silly games, fun-night out and anything that you have been planned before for your honeymoon. Well! Don’t feel shy and just go for it. All these things will surely bring you close to each other and you will feel more comfortable around each other.

#5. Forbidden love

So you are away from home, just the two of you. What have you planned for this special time with your beloved? Try to make the best out of this special time and do things you can’t do at home. Get to know each other, talk about your fantasies, plan your future, and everything else that comes to your mind. After all it’s just the two of you together. Simply talk your heart out.

#6. Find some ‘me’ time

You might have been married and on your romantic escape, but that does not mean you have to be together all the time. At times, doing things you love can also help you to define your personal space in your relationship. Simply indulge into something that you love.

#7. Rejuvenate yourselves with a couple’s spa

Sightseeing tours can be at times exhausting and leave you in need for some ultimate relaxation. How about a couple’s spa session along with your partner? Well! Couples can enjoy some great rejuvenation sessions with a couple’s spa session at some of the best Ayurveda & yoga retreats in India and get back to their senses.

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#8. Capture moments

While on your honeymoon in India try to create memories that you can relish for the rest times of your life. Capture some candid moments in your camera, take a selfie together, and click pictures of your partner in his or her jolly mood. These are the moments worth a lifetime and you are surely going to cherish them forever.

#9. Get adventurous

Add some adventure to your honeymoon and indulge into some thrilling water sport activities like Scuba Diving at Kavaratti (Lakshadweep Island), snorkeling in the Andaman & Nicobar islands, or  Dolphin Sighting at Goa. There are a lot of options you can consider to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable.

#10. Enjoy loads of intimacy

Getting close to your partner can actually break all kind of barriers into your relationship. You can actually know the comfort level of your partner. So, don’t feel shy to make the first move, after all you are on your honeymoon.

A honeymoon is the most special time for a couple. So, make the most out of your romantic time together. With Honeymoon packages in India with prices for couple you can actually find some affordable destinations that can make your dream honeymoon come true. Create some happy memories that last for a lifetime and enter into wedlock with these top tips for couples planning for their honeymoon in India.

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